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Was Khal Drogo poisoned or death by casual infection?

G2 Miembro Viril

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Hi, I always had this doubt because it's not clear (for me at least) from the books. 

After being injured by Khal Ogo, Mirri Maz Duur puts a poultice on Drogo's chest cut, which gives him trouble from the beginning until causing a several infection that would end up with his life. After that, we know that the maegi tricks Daenerys into a black magic ritual that she knew would not bring Drogo to his original state, but rather a living corpse, as a vengeance on the Khal that killed her people. One can interpret that she planned to damage Drogo since the very first moment by poisoning the poultice, which would explain why a regular cut infected so bad, but after the dark ritual she just confesses her bad intentions about bringing Drogo back to life, but not that she actually posined her. Am I right? 

I have searched online but couldn't find an actual answer nor a GRRM interview in which he confirms it, so I thought that you may know the answer.

Thank you!


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you should post this in the general forum & see what sort of answers might become of it. 

personally (although i haven't read everything) i have not heard this theory before.  
i, too, thought that it was kind of something that MMD would be so willing to save the enemy of her people.

i'm going to go & re-read that part of the books - thanks for the post @G2 Miembro Viril

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