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Was it really planned for Tyrion to be framed ?

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Do you think that Littlefinger and the Tyrells really intended for Tyrion, as well as Sansa, to be framed as the culprit for Joffrey's death at the Purple Wedding, or that they were expecting for it to look like Joffrey choked on the pie and weren't counting on Cersei's paranoia and hatred of Tyrion ? 

Or do you think that Littlefinger did expect it, while the Tyrells didn't, as Littlefinger is far more familiar with Cersei and her paranoia and feud with her brother, while the Tyrells didn't get to witness it much, and seem to tried to prevent a confrontation between Joffrey and Tyrion as much as possible ? Could LF have counted on it for future conflicts between Cersei and the Tyrells ? 

What is your opinion ?

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I think it was always supposed to look like he just choked on food! 

they picked a very specific posion for that, the maester probably wouldnt have even looked into his throat  and found no food had cersei not been screaming it was murder.


Lf i think could have freed sansa at will but once murder.accusations began flying around he wanted the object of his obsession (as well as key to firther advancement) safely out of there

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Tyrion framed himself.  He did steal the poisons, among other things.  Eventually, he would have used them.  His false confession to Jaime was more-than-half true.  Technically, he was innocent, but the gods saw through the technicalities and into his heart.  So he lost his trial by combat. 

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Whatever Cersei's view of Tyrion the decision-maker in what happens is Tywin.

So if LF genuinely thought he could frame Tyrion he would have to make the calculation that Tywin would use it as an opportunity to disinherit Tyrion and get him safely out of the way (The Wall) while having Jaime released from The KG, married and recognised as his heir.

That's not an impossible bet to make but it's more likely he was just planning to create chaos and exploit it however the cards fell.  Choking is the likely reason for Joffrey's death but both Tyrion and Oberyn Martell are possible scapegoats if anyone suspects foul play.

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I don't think they could have counted on it passing off as choking on food. Too many people know about the Strangler poison, notably Pycelle. They could also expect that the maesters would examine his body and find no food jammed in his windpipe. But in the immediate moment they could count on most people thinking it was just choking and rushing to his aid or panicking. However, the idea of whisking Sansa away at that moment had the obvious advantage of creating a ready-made suspect. Sour grapes at being displaced as Queen and.revenge for her family being obvious motives. That is what Jaime thinks.

But the intention could have been what played out - that Sansa, with luck, would escape and become Petyr's pawn, while Tyrion would take the blame and be eliminated from the chessboard. Hence Petyr hiring the jousting dwarves for the feast. This would be bound to prompt Joffrey to worse insults. Being husband and wife, Sansa's apparent guilt would implicate Tyrion.

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Littlefinger didn't just expect Tyrion to be blamed, but he planned it.  Petyr all but admits it in the passage below.  He wanted to enrage Tyrion to give him plausible motive.


"Tell me of the feast. The queen took such pains. The singers, the jugglers, the dancing bear . . . did your little lord husband enjoy my jousting dwarfs?"


"I had to send to Braavos for them and hide them away in a brothel until the wedding. The expense was exceeded only by the bother. It is surprisingly difficult to hide a dwarf, and Joffrey . . . you can lead a king to water, but with Joff one had to splash it about before he realized he could drink it. When I told him about my little surprise, His Grace said, 'Why would I want some ugly dwarfs at my feast? I hate dwarfs.' I had to take him by the shoulder and whisper, 'Not as much as your uncle will.'"

I am not certain of Petyr's motives for framing to Tryion.  Just to divert attention to someone else (not likely), to get Tyrion out of the way because he is a danger to his plans (more likely, though it is a plot hole that Tyrion didn't already destroy Petyr for his lie about the dagger), or to widow Sansa so she'd be free to marry someone else (most likely).

But more importantly (and more maliciously), Petyr also framed Sansa.  He planned to get Sansa away from the wedding right at the moment of Joffrey's death; how could that not make her look guilty?  Olenna was perfectly capable of dropping the Strangler into Joffrey's wine without plucking it off of Sansa's hairnet.  Petyr made Sansa an unwitting accomplice so that she would be framed for regicide and feel responsible for Joffrey's death.  He's a gaslighting manipulative psychopath, convincing Sansa that she is unsafe everywhere else and that she can only trust him, so that she'll be his willing pawn.

Granted there are flaws in Petyr's plans, but one of my few criticisms of ASOAIF is that Petyr's flawed plans always seem to work out in his favor, so far.

Olenna is an intelligent woman, and I imagine she knew who would get blamed for Joffrey's murder.  I don't think she had it out for Tyrion or Sansa, but I also don't think she cared about the consequences against them.  I personally believe that Olenna acted alone and the Tyrell family as a whole was not part of the plot.  Though I could be wrong, because how else could Olenna guarantee that Margaery wouldn't drink the poisoned wine?

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