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How many Targaryens were mad?

Canon Claude

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1 hour ago, Craving Peaches said:

I feel that calling all the horrible ones mad is like an excuse. I don't think they were mad, at least not in a way that would excuse them for their crimes. They were just horrible, cruel people.

the two aren't unrelated but they aren't necessarily related either, one can be one or the other but not both just as easily as not

nor is being mad or cruel or horrible as a person required to do things which are one or more of these things

one can do extremely horrible things because its logiclly necessary for the greater good

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1 hour ago, Canon Claude said:

I feel like there is a lot of disagreement on which Targaryens were actually mad, and on the definition of “mad” in general. 

define mad , then I'll count for you . Aerys and Baelor the blessed are the ones I can count as mad with every possible definition

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