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Football: The Winter Break


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45 minutes ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

Yeah, but now you have a stadium in Manaus, which is of little to no use. I assume there are 1-2 other such WC Stadiums that suffered a similar fate. This is not an enviromentally sustainable approach. Carbon footprint of concrete is not great.

Oh, you don't need to remind me. There's actually 5 stadiums that barely have an use, or don't have to the size they were built  (also in Cuiabá, Recife, Brasília and Natal). The Manaus one was just the most egregious because if you wanted to have the WC in the Amazon, you could have host in Belém, which has two teams (Remo and Paysandu) that regularly attract 30-40000 crowds.

To make it even worse, Flamengo is looking to build a new stadium, since the Maracanã, that originally had nearly 200,000 seats, today with all the reforms (including for the Olympics) has less than 70,000 for capacity, and big games are all sold out quickly, while the state government that owns it often imposes absurd demands and high taxes. The other club that plays there Fluminense, can't afford the stadium on it's own, so it will likely become a white elephant at some point by the end of this decade.

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Still not watching. 

I have seen exactly one half time of football of this tournament.

That was the second half of the Ghana - S. Korea game. And I only watched that, because my dad had it on, when I paid him a visit on Monday.

Not gonna change it. Even tho, I admit, Germany and Spain going out after the group stage would be kinda funny. So go Costa Rica, and go Japan.

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2 minutes ago, BigFatCoward said:

And this is why the last games have to be played at the same time. 

The players know what's going on, and in this specific instance they went into the match knowing a Japan victory is the best outcome assuming Germany didn't win by a fuck ton of goals.

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