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Aenar the Abolitionist


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David Lightbringer has this huge 2 parter video on a theory of the Doom of Valyria. In short the theory essentially says that he believes that the Targaryens, specifically, Aenar the Exile, was behind the Doom of Valyria. He hired the Faceless Men to assassinate all or most of the pyromancers keeping the 14 Fires from erupting. He posits that the brutality of Valyria’s mines was essentially a blood sacrifice to power the pyromancer’s magic. He also says that Aenar did not in fact move to Dragonstone because of Daena’s prophecy, but simply so he could dominate trade on the Narrow Sea. Selling VS weapons to Westerosi nobles, using the fortune he made from that to pay the FM. He says that Aenar did it for one of two reasons. 

1: He wanted House Targaryen to be the only remaining people on Planetos to have the power of dragons


2. Aenar had become disgusted with Valyrian culture of imperialism, brutal slavery, human sacrifice, and blood magic and sought to end an empire that seemed like it could go on for another 5000 years.

Part 2

Part 1


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1 minute ago, Tyrosh Lannister said:

If Aenar was tired of all that cruelty and slavery he wouldn't have brought his slaves along with him to dragonstone.

He would have freed them

I know the videos are long but part of the theory is that the slaves became servants and his servants became the common people of Dragonstone. Another thing he brings up, carefully, is that Valyrian slavery was much different than Slavers Bay slavery. Both are unequivocally horrid, no doubt. But Valyrian slavery was on another level seemingly.

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If, and that is a very big IF, there is any truth to this, Aenar's reasons were benevolent.  He wanted to end the empire for its practice of slavery.  Lord Aenar Targaryen is one of the heroes of the entire series. 

He brought the slaves to Dragonstone in order to save their lives and to give them a better chance at life. 

All that said, I think the Targaryens left Valyria because they had faith in Daenys the Dreamer.  Daenys saw far into the future and had visions of a cold, dark winter about to descend on Westeros.  The Others, wargs, wights, and skin changers menacing the land.  Lord Aenar wanted to save the living from a fate worse than death. 

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