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With so many of the top topics in this sub-forum being related to serious goings-on in the world and people having all sorts of opinions, I thought it might be nice to bring back a basic "hey y'all" thread.  Obviously this is a huge community and obviously we all disagree on all sorts of things....but we do all love GRRM's story so we're clearly not as far apart as we might sometimes think.

So, this isn't intended to change anyone's mind on anything, or address anything at all.  Consider it a simple introduction.  Tell us a bit about yourself, and don't worry about being judged.  If you don't like something about what somebody posts....hey....that's ok.  We don't all need to agree.  Find somebody you enjoy talking with and go from there.

It's the internet, so, obviously, be careful and don't get overly specific.

I'll start - I might be a bit of a minority here, and that's totally ok.  Closing in on 40.  Recently retired, US Army. Grew up in small-town midwest, and came back to the same area because it's just beautiful.  Avid fan of the outdoors...hiking, hunting, fishing. Couple degrees, a BS in psychology and a degree in firearms technology.  I run a small gunsmithing business to keep busy, primarily building custom rifles.

Never did manage to wrangle a spouse, things were.....a bit busy in the mid to late 2000's.  Got a couple beautiful nieces who are gonna give the boys ALL the trouble once they're older.  Great sister and her husband is great too.

So....hey.  Keep it clean, if you don't like something, that's ok, find something you do like.  Hopefully this thread lets some people have a few good conversations with other people.  Be kind, and check your assumptions at the door. They're usually wrong.

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On 12/2/2022 at 11:59 PM, A True Kaniggit said:

Dang elitist drunkards with their exclusives clubs. 

My clubs are indeed terribly exclusive despite the hoi polloi attempting to overtake them. Delta Diamond Medallion and Marriott Bonvoy Lifetime Platinum members, unite!!  

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Retired as in "No longer working" or retired as in "Not in the Army Anymore"?  Since Covid, I appreciate how really cool it would be to be retired.

I like the outdoors in theory but I don't spend much time there.  I like watching Alone for the first 5-6 episodes each season because I like to see the different approaches to resource management, shelter building, and hunting but I dislike watching people slowly starve.

My experience and observation leads me to opine that beautiful places are great to visit and depressing to live but maybe that's because I have never lived in a beautiful place where I also had a sense of community.

Chats, Marriott has purchased some fairly uncouth hotels in recent years so blame them more than the hoi polloi.  Someone of your taste deserves better. 

Similarly, I have recently come to understand that one should not purchase any product which describes itself as 'tactical' because that has become a marketing buzzword which appeals to the hoi polloi of wannabe Operators.

Nevertheless, when playing with my foster kitties I say, "this is my string. There are many like it but this one is mine." and proceed to try and seduce them/refuse them.




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9 hours ago, litechick said:

Similarly, I have recently come to understand that one should not purchase any product which describes itself as 'tactical' because that has become a marketing buzzword which appeals to the hoi polloi of wannabe Operators.

litechick -- these guys (i.e., actual operators) are the real deal, men who walk the talk; the best of the best in what it means to be an alpha male; or, more precisely, relatively dominant. They are the modern day Templars, Crusaders.

A few of them even surpassed that esteem, becoming somewhat successful politicians and capitalists. Without doubt, few Americans could compete and win against them, and they know it; I know it. Engage them downrange, and you'd probably die, subject to their will. Overall, I really, really dislike most of their tribe.



The BRCC is listed on the NYSE, and its failing. Do not buy its coffee; do not invest in the company. The whole Vet Bro framework needs to fade away, the sooner the better.


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"The man is popular with women and is known to break many hearts. The lyrics ... suggests that he also uses women to get more money."

"The video shows him cheating on her with a waitress of a nightclub."

"She then bumps into a box, leading to the criminal to chase after her. When the police arrive outside, he tries to escape on the rooftops, until he is shot and falls to his death."

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