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Any Brandon Sanderson fan?


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On 11/26/2022 at 1:00 PM, chongjasmine said:

I read WOT and Elantris and really enjoy them. He is my favourite author. Any other Sanderson fan?

I think what you'll find is that the general consensus around here is that Brandon writes fast paced pulp fiction that can be enjoyable.  He gets a lot of credit for being able to churn out a steady stream of product, but the quality does suffer.

His completion of WoT is met with "mixed" results.

I think most people around here believe that his shorter works can be quite good (Elantris, Mistborn, etc) but his longer works in the Stormlight Archive engage in entirely too much navel gazing and need to have about 600 pages removed to make them good tight novels.

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