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Oh the weather outside is frightful (but at least we can have nice pictures) - Tree decorating in 2022


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It is raining, but I hope to see some snow soon. It is the 1st December, which means I can start this traditional forum game now.

I am sure the old players know the rules already by now, but of course we are always welcoming new participants too, so here come the rules:


1. This is the template for our tree.

2. The first player to play downloads the template from the imgur link I posted under 1. Every next player downloads the picture the player before them posted.

3. Open the picture in Paint, Photoshop or any other picture editing program. Draw decorations on it: You can add colour, an ornament, background, presents ... whatever you like and whatever you think suits our tree.

4. Save the new picture (in the jpg-format) and upload it to imgur.com. Post a direct link to the picture into this thread.

5. The next person repeats the process adding decorations to your picture etc. You can play as many times as you want.


Some reasonable guidelines about picture standards:

a) Do not change the size of the picture.

b ) Do not add explicitly sexual or violent material. I want this game to stay completely safe for children and work and common decency and stuff.

c) Try not to cover the whole tree with decorations in the first few steps, some space must be left for the next players too.

č) Do not cover/erase other people's contributions.

d) Pasting parts of other pictures/photos into this picture is allowed.

e) Using imagination is welcome.


Still unsure about how it works? You can take a look at the previous games:

The original one: 2016
2017: Rocking around the Christmas tree
2018 - third time's the charm
2019 and its lovely angels
The apocalyptic 2020

Dreaming of a wight Christmas 2021


I am looking forward to any and all contributions! Let's bring some life into this forum section again! :commie::commie: :commie: 

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1 hour ago, Buckwheat said:

@RhaenysBee @Pebble thats Stubby @Meera of Tarth @rocksniffer @The BlackBear @felice @a free shadow @Castellan, come and bring your friends!

Anybody new around here, you are welcome to contribute too!

Hey @Buckwheat thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing fine! :) i am in!

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On the 1st day of Xmas Pebble drew for me One very Pink tree

On the 2nd day of Xmas Pebble drew for me Santa sleighing, and One very pink tree.

On the 3rd day of Xmas Pebble drew for me One snowman melting,  Santa Sleighing, and A very pink tree.

On the 4th day of Xmas Pebble drew for me One Robin Chirping,  One snowman melting, Santa Sleighing, and A very pink tree.

On the 5 day of Xmas Pebble drew for me.......  https://i.imgur.com/EHxtTXv.png

Five Magic Rings! 

One Robin Chirping,  One snowman melting,  one Santa Sleighing, and A very pink tree.

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Is there an app you guys recommend for this?I just spent an entire hour putting together the illustration I want to add and I’m looking at another hour at least to get it on the image. What the hell happened to the photoshop mix app or whatever the hell I used last year?

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