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What if Tygett and Gerion Lannister had been here ?

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Two characters that weren't mentionned at all during GOT, and who aren't seen in the main story but are mentionned several times, are Tygett and Gerion Lannister, Tywin's two youngest brothers who had a more strained relation with him that Kevan had and more positive relation with Jaime and Tyrion instead.

Tygett was a very strong and skilled swordsman who ressented the shadow Tywin casted on him and his other siblings, while Gerion was much like their father Tytos, fully enjoying the pleasures of life and making jokes and laughing much to Tywin's displeasure, as well as being Jaime and Tyrion's favorite uncle and the closest thing to a true father Tyrion had.

By the time of the books Tygett was gone due to dying of pox, while Gerion disappeared after embarking on a journey to Valyria in order to find back the Lannister ancestral sword Brightroar, which was made of Valyrian steel, and other valyrian treasures. 

But if Tygett and Gerion were alive and present in Westeros by the time of the books, how different could the story have been ? What roles could have they had in the War of the Five Kings, House Lannister's politics and internal dynamics and in the game overall ? And what would have been their interactions with other characters ?

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