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I have no evidence to back this up.  I am not suggesting a theory.  This is solely for your enjoyment.  I hope you, the reader, will delight in this interesting coincidence.

An object made of Amethyst was found in Jerusalem.  It is believed to belong to Cleopatra.  In the object is carved the image of a variety of Persimmon.  It is believed that the fruit of this tree, which is rare, was prized by Cleopatra.  Historians believe the fruit of this type of Persimmon was used to produce a balm which made Cleopatra look younger. 

Quaithe appears to the young Queen Daenerys on top of the Great Pyramid, beneath a Persimmon tree.  Quaithe uses something like the balm to maintain her youth.  Quaithe needs something like the balm to maintain herself if she is really Elissa Farman. 

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