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The Darry issue

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House Darry is a Riverlands house that ruled over Castle Darry and was once one of the most powerful houses in the Riverlands, up until Robert's Rebellion where the Darrys chose to side with the Targaryens to whom they have been deeply loyal for a long time, with Willem Darry even fleeing with and taking care of Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen until his death, over their Tully lieges and were stripped of most of their lands as a punishment.  

Things only got worse for them in the main story with them being amongst the victims of Tywin Lannister and Gregor Clegane's scouring of the Riverlands, with Raymund Darry and his son Lyman being both murdered by the Mountain, leaving the main line extinct and Castle Darry without a lord. The last known alive relatives are distant female cousins that are members of House Frey.

As part of the pact made between Tywin Lannister and Walder Frey, Lancel Lannister was due to marry the oldest of them, Amerei Frey, and to become the new Lord of Darry thus founding a new Lannister cadet house ruling over Castle Darry. But evidently neither Tywin nor Kevan nor any other Lannister had counted on the fact that Lancel would find religion after his injury at the Blackwater and decide to join the Warrior's Sons instead, thus breaking the deal much to his family's dismay and the Freys' outrage.

As such the fate of Castle Darry and its people is still uncertain, with no new lord in sight. Who are the candidates who could hope to press their claims and get their hands on the castle and its lands ? Who will be the new Lord of Castle Darry ?

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Isn't Daven Lannister going to marry Amerei Frey instead? Not that it matters, since I'm pretty sure that Daven's wedding is going to end in a massacre thanks to Lady Stoneheart. 

In any case, I imagine House Darry will simply disappear and GRRM will forget to assign a new lord to that castle because he's got more important things to resolve. 

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19 minutes ago, EggBlue said:

hopefully , the next Targaryen on the throne will let Amerei Frey take her mother's surname , pass it on to her children and become lady Darry.

In that case, I'd hope we get an erotica spinoff about Lady Amerei Darry's adventures.

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53 minutes ago, Canon Claude said:

At some point in their history, House Darry’s sigil was changed from a plow man tilling his field, to a large gatehouse.”

Better that than a Myrish Swamp.   :blush:

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5 hours ago, Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 said:

Who will be the new Lord of Castle Darry ?

The Lannister may hold the title for a short time until Aegon boots his butt out.  Dany will arrive to take her place on the Iron Throne and remember the loyal services of Ser Willem Darry.  She will find the closest relative, proclaim them a Darry, and award the lordship of the lands and castles. 

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