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Football - a matter of life and death? No, its more important than that!


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@Spockydog If i mock up a league table where Arsenal got the penalty and have an extra 2 points will you stop having a fucking aneurism? 

Arsenal        46

Man City      39

Man Utd      35

Newcastle   33

There you go, 7 point lead.  

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31 minutes ago, Raja said:

I need everton to be good today

( agree with work history bit but murky ownership stuff is certainly within the remit of this thread)

Murky ownership is but there is a point when the conversation hits a dead end. That was 9 pages back. My ask was more to get back to football if possible or if two people want to argue further, take it to PMs.

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I hope we play a few of the yoofs in this one. Both because I want to see them play and because there's a bit of a fixture pile-up going on.

I suspect there'll be a bit of rotation, about half the first team playing today and half on tuesday before the City game next week. You'd think Garnacho and Elanga would start at least one of the two, but the player I particularly want to see is Iqbal. 

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55 minutes ago, Raja said:

Lol. The FA have a bunch of incompetent refs and they do this

This is what happens when you change the rules mid-season. Twats. 

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Have to correct myself, he's made two. 

Anywho, seemingly there are two truths to pull for us: 

1) play three at the back

2) play teams in the top 4.

We keep doing that, we might just survive.

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