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NFL Playoffs 2023


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2 hours ago, whatever... said:

Well I think that Andy Reid went from sadly underrated to a little over-the-fuck rated because of Patrick Mahomes. 

So... That's why I wouldn't jump on the Beinemy train. I mean unless you believe in him. I've never met the dude. 

I'd want Flores, because as I said. 

Or Harbaugh because I know he's good. And, with enough LSD and time in an unmarked van, I'm about 12-13 percent sure that I can induce a 5 percent chance of Andrew Luck coming back to the game

I have no evidence for this claim

I have no lab and no equipment

But I think we should risk it


If it brings back the Capt Andrew Luck Twitter acct; I’m all for it.

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6 hours ago, dbunting said:

On Bienemy, something has to be off in the interviews or it's race issue, one or the other.  As far as him being some genius because his offense has been great, see above, he has a god/goat QB TE WR and Reid as the head coach.  

At this point, I assume it’s a combination of not interviewing well while also finishing his season late every year.

The Niners are flush with comp pics from all the minority coaches they’ve been sending out (granted, one looks as white as me even after being in the Miami sun for a year) so I don’t imagine it’s a race issue in this specific case.

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7 hours ago, DMC said:

I'm just glad all this head coaching talk is focused on Bienemy rather than Ryans.  The latter is clearly the better candidate as a coordinator, but I hope y'all are right and Ryans decides to stay!

Texans are going to hire him.

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8 hours ago, dbunting said:

So if I follow this thread correctly, Mahommes is a god/goat and Josh Allen is just a bum who wouldn't cut it 10 years ago? 

I think the issue is the media narrative. A lot of people want to crown Allen as the best QB despite him doing nothing to deserve it. 

It's very clearly Mahomes and Burrow right now and in that order. But if Burrow balls out tomorrow, wins, and then wins the SB in the same fashion, the debate is wide open (even if clearly from the eye test Mahomes is more talented). 


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So, according to the ESPN panel, almost 70% of bets on the Eagles/Niners game are going Eagles…but more remarkable was that ~ 95% of the actual money being bet is on Philly.


Now there are very good reasons to bet on the Eagles. They are imo built a lot like the Niners with talent everywhere. Best OL in the game and it’s not close, etc. Otoh their LB corps is the only unit in this game that is on the weaker side, so there’s that. But as I said, I absolutely understand betting Philly. If I had to bet my life savings…dunno, might think this is the game where Purdy looks in over his head for extended periods. 

But 95%? I think what happened is that people forgot that everyone had decided there were more or less 3 legit NFC teams, and the Niners faced the other one last week while the Eagles got a team people thought might be competing for first overall before the season. Giants were a good story, but not a very good team. 

Last note; Giants hotel in Philly had the water shut off night before the game. No one suspects it was coincidental. Wonder what will happen to the Niners tonight.

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I really hope the Niners are taking all this doubt as locker room motivation.  Objectively it is about an even line - ad given the Niners are a bit more banged up I can see giving the edge to the Iggles - but Brock is about to make Philly Suplex City motherfuckers.

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