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Is this the worst name in the series?

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45 minutes ago, Tyrosh Lannister said:

kayakayanaya? what the heck was GRRM thinking? 

I don't think he was thinking anything as it was probably taken from some real world place and name changed a bit.

He has Cymmeri, likely taken from Conan the Barbarian who was Cimmerian since as I recall he loved reading comics. Cimmeria was taken straight out of real world historical people Cimmerians, Cimmeria, an ancient name of Crimea.

Bosporan Kingdom - Wikipedia

Cimmerians - Wikipedia

He has Hyrkooni, he likely took it from Red Sonja who was from Hyrkania, Hyrkania is again a real world place. This one is even more evident that Kayakayanaya with it's female warriors being part of Hyrkooni Patrimony. 

Hyrcania - Wikipedia

Inspiration is so much so just as Hyrkania of the real world(again mountain range as in the book Hyrkoon) has the Caspian Sea to it's north, Hyrkoon has to it's east anotjer inland sea, though this one is all dried up.

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