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The ABCs of Cause of Death


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The idea is for each letter you come up with a reason someone might die that starts with that letter.

Cheating is fine. I had to. 


 -A Bee
 -Dog attack
 -Friendly fire
 -Ghost bite
 -High blood pressure
 -Incompetent Surgeon
 -Joke gone wrong
 -Killer Bees!
 -Lost Rhino
 -Man with Axe
 -Nun with Axe
 -Old Man with Axe
 -Particularly Old Man with Axe
 -Queen Bees!
 -Ritualistic sacrifice
 -Two Sasquatches
 -Unwanted Walrus transformation
 -Volcanic eruption
 -Walrus transformation (it's a complicated procedure, and infection is a serious concern.) 
 -Xylophone accident 
 -Zebra Bite

I couldn't come up with one that started with A. 

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Allergic reaction to strawberry jam
Bludgeoned by a stuffed sturgeon
Choke on a small chicken bone
Dropped on by a Dropbear
Eaten by a rabid wombat
Frightened to death by a list of potential ways to die that you read on an internet forum
Gored by a Triceratops
Hit on head by a falling wind turbine
Ingested by an aerobic digestor
Jumped into shark infested swimming pool by accident
Killer klown
Lost forever in the Bermuda Triangle
More rabid wombats
Necrotising fasciitis
Only remembered parachute 2 seconds after you jumped from aircraft
Piranhas in the bath-tub
Qyburn's experimentation gone wrong (again)
Ravaged by a poodle
Struck by lightning underwater
T-Rex crashed through ceiling after falling out of a jumbo jet
Unexpected discovery that your girlfriend is a vampire and that wasn't a love bite ....
Velociraptor in the living room (chasing the T-Rex)
Wombats (rabid) return!
Xenomorph egg hatching in stomach
Yak attack
Zombie bite

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