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Jaehaerys II was a great king !

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Jaehaerys II Targaryen is my favorite king and for me he is very underrated. 

Despite being the least martial of Aegon V's sons, he proved capable of defending realm from the Blackfyre pretender Maelys the Monstrous.Jaehaerys wanted to command the attack against Maelys himself. 

Jaehaerys's reign only lasted three years, but he reigned well in those short years. He proved a capable king, restoring order to the kingdom by ending the Blackfyre threat. Finally , for me his biggest achievement was the fact that he reconciling many of the Great Houses who had grown unhappy with his father's reign but at the same time he did not anger or upset the smallfolk.

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absolutely not . 

Blackfyre rebellions ended in his reign but the praise for ending Blackfyre line goes to Maelys himself. if I recall correctly, he killed his cousin and the rest of the family before styling himself king. and crushing the ninepenny kings wasn't more difficult than any other Blackfyre rebellion . probably even easier, as it is likely that the Crown had foreign alliances . 

then , there's the issue of the Tarbeck-Rein rebellion. he was far too lenient with Tywin imo . yes Tywin was collecting debt and he was crushing his enemies but he went beyond the king's justice and should have been punished for it . 

lastly , let's not forget the heir he groomed was Aerys and that he forced his own children into a marriage that was far from ideal for either of them. 

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