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What if all members of House Baratheon and House Stark died during a plague in 295 A.C?

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Who would rule the Seven Kingdoms then? Eldon Estermont? Selwyn Tarth? Manfrey or Doran Martell?                             

Would the Vale Cousins inherit the North or would Jon Umber become the next Lord Paramount of the North as (most likely) Descendant of Arrana Stark?

Im excited about your thoughts.

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Cersei is queen backed by tywin who will reach out and have her marry a tyrell asap

The north ? Hmmm seems most likely karstarks (as starks blood kin) have the  best claim plus  at books start have  4 of age sons to marry off to  secure the north like say the 2 manderly granddaughters , maybe a mormont girl and to finish off throw poor alys karstark to smalljon/roose or a  legitimised ramsey as a bride!.





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