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Which is your favorite book of the asoiaf series?

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I think A Storm of Swords stands out and it's not surprising it was nominated for a Hugo. It seems to move right along, we get some new POVs, it holds interest.


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I love them all, and A Feast for Crows being at the bottom doesn't mean I don't love it.  But my ranking is:

1.  A Dance with Dragons: Jon and Dany have great character development, and Theon's chapters might be my favorite in the series.  I personally love the "Meereenese knot", the mysterious happenings in Winterfell, everything with Jon dealing with the Free Folk and Others and politics all at once, and the brief follow-up chapters with Jaime, Cersei, Dorne, etc.

2. A Storm of Swords: I love it for the reason it is generally the most popular book.  Most of the books start out slower (not a bad thing) and then pick up, but this book was in high-gear all the way through.

3. A Game of Thrones:  I like "origin" stories, seeing the calm before the storm.  Seeing the tourney through Sansa's untainted eyes before everything turned to crap, for example.  And I love the Starks, so having 6 out of the 8 POV characters as Starks is great.

4. A Clash of Kings:  I love the mixture of the war politics from Tyrion's view, and the tragic horror of the civilian perspective of war through Arya and Bran's view.

5. A Feast for Crows:  Great character development.  Cersei's unhinged chapters are extremely entertaining in a morbid way, showing everything I hate about politics, and Jaime and Brienne's chapters are great too.  Not much happens though, and 4 of the 6 main POV characters aren't even POVs.

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26 minutes ago, EggBlue said:

Dance is my favorite followed closely by Storm. Dance could be higher on my book list if it didn't feel unfinished. it's a great read chapter by chapter. 

But… if Dance is your fave, doesn’t that mean it ranks #1? So how could it rank higher? :ph34r: :P

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18 minutes ago, EggBlue said:

lol! I mean in general. not just in the series

It does feel kinda unfinshed. Especially Aryas and Ashas chapters. And no Sansa, wtf! But, still, my favorite novel of all time is adwd, somehow even without Sansa. Theon chapters are just too amazing. The characters both Theon and Reek, plus loads of Ramsay, its a fucking rollercoaster. Then Tyrion going crazy? I loved Tyrion before he killed his pops, now? Oh, hes fun. And this combo with Jorah? Thats a combo I needed but could have never expected. Plus boss lady Dany is a new twist.
2nd fav novel is asos. Tyrions chapters werent actually that great till the end, and no Theon! But Sansa is swinging for the fences, with Arya and Dany are up at bat. Really stellar stories and writing. Even Jon was exciting. 
Then theres mad books in between but if we stay with asoiaf its acok because of Tyrion and Sansa and Theon and  then affc because of Cersei and Sansa, and then I really did like agot because of Tyrion and Arya
eta. Oh and ironborn! affc has them in spades

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A Storm of Swords. It needs no explanation. There is not a single moment in that book where events aren't being propelled inexorably forwards. There are twists and turns that are still total gutpunches no matter how many times you read the book. The other novels may have weightier ideas to explore, but Game and Clash are rather standard fantasy action by comparison, and Feast and Dance are interesting but structurally unfocused. A Storm of Swords however is balanced perfectly, with heavy ideas for the philosophers among us, more than enough exciting action for the Micheal Bay fanboys in our midst, and a well structured plot tying all the various competing elements together beautifully. It is a masterful work of art.

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