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U.K Politics: Revenge of the Truss.

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16 minutes ago, dog-days said:

There's Finance Minister Kate Forbes who wouldn't have supported the Gender Recognition Bill. (Meaning that she did but regrets doing so...? I haven't found a direct quote yet, just news sources paraphrasing.)

She was on maternity leave when it was voted on, so didn't have to choose between keeping her cabinet position or rebelling.


Ash Regan quit her government job in protest of the GRB. She timed it rather well – any earlier, and everyone would have forgotten about her.

I suspect she was hoping Kate Forbes didn't decide to run.

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Also, in more important news, a record number of Guernsey hedgehogs need help

What are you doing to help your local hedgehogs? Your hedgehogs need you

Personally,  I'm just trying to find them. I've only ever seen one living hedgehog in my life, at dusk in a small town suburb in Fife, running at what looked like 90mph from garden to garden. 

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