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Did Old Gods Create Beyond the Wall to Train the Faithful?

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With Jon the Kwisatz Haderach thread, it is a question that comes to mind. Muad'dib says (though this may just be from the awesome 1980s movie) "We Fremen have a saying, god created Arrakis to train the faithful. One can not go against the word of god." After all, Free folk are the Fremen of ASOIAF and Jon is quite the Lisan al Gaib figure, he "knows" their ways as if born to them (stealing first Ygritte and then Val), he is "engineered" in his lineage(Rhaegar's prophecy obsession), is the son of a Sayyadina (Lyanna's maternal lineage of Weirwood house), he becomes their leader etc. Will Jon lead his fremen armies in Jihad against Iron Throne that has killed his father (adoptive), marry Myrcella and sit on the Golden Lion(symbol of Lannisters as well btw) Throne of Westeros, Iron Throne? I can picture him in the court of Maegor's holdfast, his faithful behind him "Myrcella shall be my wife, opening the way for a Stark to take the throne" and then going to Val, "Princess shall have no more of me than my name, no child of mine, nor touch, nor softness of glance, nor instant of desire. This is my promise to you.


Disclaimer: This thread is made for fun, but take it seriously if you will.




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