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Howlin' Howland

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Over the Cop.

Documentary about a daredevil trying to jump over a police officer with a motor cycle.


unpublished Charlie Chaplin movie, in which he once again takes on his Hobo persona joins the police and beats the hell out of minorities.

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Star Wars_ A new Hype

Any mention of Revan in film or series...

Star Trek: Genesis

The TNG crew reunited for one final adventure...Karaoke on the Holodeck. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds.


Disney updated its classic cartoon (based upon the Grimm fairy tale). The prince is voiced by Charlie Sheen.


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Star Wars: A New Dope

C3-P0 centred series (everybody gets a minii-series or stand alone movie these days). The series depicts C3-P0's rise and fall as the biggest spice supplier in the galaxy. After being scolded again by Han Solo C3-P0 runs off and starts to produce spice. It's sorta like Breaking Bad meets Star Wars. Special appearance of Chewbacca, who developed a spice habit during the years of the Solo-Organa marriage. Setting some time between Return of the Jedi and the sequels.

Thinking about it, this one I would actually pitch to Disney. They can even do some cameos by the Mandalorian. 

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