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Howlin' Howland

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Top Nun

casting show in the style of those awful x next top model shows.

Naked Nun

porn parody of the above.

Faked Attraction

basically same as the original...

West Ride Story

Documentary about Rodeo Riders

Die Harp

Thriller around the murder investigation at an Orchestra

Dye Hard

Something about hair dressers, I haven't fully thought this through.


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(Movies to be rented from video clubs back when they were stilo a thing)

The Hose - porn. Due to its cover - a burly mam suggestively showing his garden hose to an attractive womam - gets mistaken for a video with gardening advice.

Sleeping with the Enema - medical advice video on how enema can be performed in a way that's really comfortable. Due to its cover, gets mistaken for porn 


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