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I'm sorta torn about this. On the one hand, I resent the notion of exploding horses (you monster), on the other who wouldn't want to be Sandra Bullock's horse in the 1990s?




Wesley Snipes plays the vampire hunting English poet. Tyger, Tyger mofos.

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The Germinator

series of educational videos in which Arnold Schwarzenegger gives German (sorta) language classes.


Rex and the City

latest installment of the Jurassic Park series. A T-Rex eating Sarah Jessica Parker is one hell of a sales pitch.


Planet of the Abes

Abraham Lincoln in a EEAO kinda movie. Hum, tbh, I can kinda see The Simpsons going with a similar concept into a Tree House of Horror segment around Abe Simpson.



Bizarre Gary Johnson documentary about his mountaineering exploits. 


Time Mop

exploits of a time travelling janitor.



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How I bet your Mother

Drama: Man with a gambling problem uses his wife and kids as a wager.

not to be mistaken with

How I wet your Mother

A dad giving the talk to his kids with way TMI.

Top Bear

Clarkson getting mauled by all kinds of bear.

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Air Horce One

(Truest) story about a brave horse in the Secret Service saving the POTUS from terrorist on board the Air Force One (Winner of the Golden Pegasus award)


The direct to video Air Horce 2

A Rip off that is total garbage. A horse in the secret service saves the Vice President from woke climate activists. Starring James Woods and Lawrence Fox.

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Ok, let's start with the documentary serials.


Iron Ran

A team accomapnies him training for the Ironman on Hawaii.

Spider Ran

This is about his new hobby, exotic spiders.

Ant Ran

similar concept

Aqua Ran (my personal favorite if I may say so)

showing his efforts in water conservation and cleaning the oceans. Guest Star Greta.

Rain Ran

Another enviromentally themed docu.

Star Ran

mini-series. Him sitting down with Astrologer and Astrologists to discuss the importance and meaning of stars. (Original host was supposed ot be Jerry Springer tbh). Watching Neil deGrasse Tyson throwing a chair at a fortune teller is prime time material.

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