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Too many Dornish Characters conform to (In-Universe) Negative Stereotypes

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2 hours ago, Arthur Peres said:

I think it's fine that way.

Sterotypes exists for a reason, they are a distortion of a reality, but still based on reality.

In this case, the reason stereotypes exist is because GRRM peopled his world mainly with people resembling white Europeans, and distinguished the various clans and tribes, by giving them memorable traits.  Hence, the Starks are like wolves, the Lannisters are like lions, the Targs are draconic, and the Martells are compared to frogs and toads and serpents.

As success propelled the series into the public eye, there arose concern about lack of diversity.  So the Martells had to be browned up, in art and in TV adaptation.

Which of now course leads to their distinct and memorable portrayal being seen as problematic.

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On 2/13/2023 at 7:59 PM, Hugorfonics said:


Man is not omniscient.  We may be the smartest animals on the planet, but we cannot understand most topics fully and completely.  We may be big-brained animals, but none of us are God.  Even a native of a culture does not fully understand his own culture, because the topic is far too big.

So we take shortcuts.  We make generalizations.  Which leaves us open to the charge of supporting "stereotypes".  But the only alternative is to not think at all.  Or to only think what we are ordered to think by people in authority.  Or so assume all cultures are the same.  But these are also shortcuts.  And they are also false.   

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On 2/13/2023 at 3:46 AM, James Arryn said:


Stereotypes about groups of people usually come from members of those groups of culture. They may be true for most, even all members of that group of people or they may not be true at all for most of them and just true for a select few that has been observed by some outsider. Say you are a sailor visiting a foreign port of a country that is quite big but only has this single port town which isn't even densely populated. Even if it is true, it may or may not be exaggerated. Say you witness some weird stuff done by a few members of the port town and go home and tell that everyone about it that people of that land are like this and maybe you exaggerate it while telling. Here you go, stereotype created but perhaps %99 of that country, people who don't live in that port town, don't even don't do the that stuff, let alone your exaggerated version.



On 2/14/2023 at 2:38 AM, Hugorfonics said:

Because the Dothraki don't drink wine and there are definitely no stereotypes about French and womanizing?

The actual valid basis of racism, yes.

Which would be quite idiotic, equating cultural things to race. That's why your stereotypical racists are dumb.



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