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The right tune for the right - or wrong? - event.


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Poison Heart - Ramones - Dany in the HotU

I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones - Falyse Stokeworth during her 'sessions' with Qyburn (sorry couldn't resist it)

Dirty Old Town - The Pogues - KL during the riot

Zombie - The Cranberries - Robert Strong

Die Young Stay Pretty - Blondie - Dacey Mormont (I know :crying: )

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On 2/18/2023 at 10:54 AM, Adelstein said:

Abba - Take a Chance on Me - Stannis's negotiations in the North

Abba - Does Your Mother Know - Joffrey's theme

Aerosmith - Shut up and Dance - Daemon and Aemond at the God's Eye

The Beatles - Just a Northern Song - Wyman Manderly requesting Rat Cook


That Aerosmith song could also work for Waymar vs. the White Walkers.

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Up the Neck - The Pretenders - Maege Mormont & Galbart Glover

I Wanna Be Your Dog - Iggy Pop and The Stooges - Sandor to Sansa

Know Your Enemy - Green Day - Jon Snow

King of Pain - The Police - Qyburn

Straight to Hell - The Clash - fits many: Tywin, Littlefinger, Ramsay to name a few

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