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Acrophobia 44 - Round 7 (LAST ONE!!!)

Jez Bell

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7 hours ago, Castellan said:

I am willing. Didn't reply at first as had no round 4 ideas yet, but I have a few now so am happy to try a bonus round.


7 hours ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

I'm happy to try not to forget a bonus round


Let's get a few more on board and I will post something tomorrow.

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 Round 3.1 - Bonus 

100% voluntary.  The only requisite for participation is that you have voted for round 3.

Rules and scoring: (added some rules for ties)  


The mechanics are just like the other rounds.  Use the letters to craft a tagline and send your entries to me in the private message chain.  

This round is completely voluntary.  As I'm not expecting full participation, voting will only be for your top choice.

Most votes = 5 points (Tie = 4 points each)
2nd most = 4 points (Tie = 3 points each)
3rd most= 3 points (Tie = 2 points each)

1 point for submission, 1 point for voting.  You can vote even if you didn't submit.  Who can really say no to an extra point?

If I get only 1 entry, then no voting and that player gets 5 points.  The deadline is firm and no extensions will be granted.  

This is meant to be a way to fill time and grab some extra points.  There is no pressure to join this round.


Airbnb: "Greywater Watch".  Treat yourself to some me time in a secluded hideaway amidst exotic flora and fauna.  Colloquially known as "Howland's Moving Castle", this is the best place to get away from it all.







Deadline: end of day Monday, March 27 (EST) (Basically just Tuesday morning before 6am GMT)  No extensions, no warnings.  Please ensure you have made your final entry choice clear before the deadline or I will choose for you.


@RhaenysBee @Castellan @Ser Not Appearing @Fragile Bird @Julia H. @Eternally_Theirs @Lilac & Gooseberries @Howlin' Howland

Also, for some who aren't playing but might want to just do one round here and there

@Dolorous Gabe @rocksniffer @a free shadow @She who must be Obeyed

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On 3/23/2023 at 7:27 AM, Castellan said:

It wasn't sarcastic or ironic. I really am not sure what it was, the words just came out to match the letters. I think because i was using 'acrobatic' or 'athletic' in an entry I made with the ANIMAL letters I was thinking in terms of sports and that the athletic Ser had hinted at interest in a transfer to another team - so here is your opportunity if you have the money!

Then Jez read it and interpreted that Ser wanted out of the toxic Red Keep, so that was a good intepretation too

I really think this one was brilliant and deserved more love.

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I am finding choosing my three difficult as well, I like numerous entries. The process I usually use is to pick the ones that really appeal to me on one of several grounds: first, simplest, I just like it, second, I admire the fact they came up with an entry using those letters, third, it sounds like something I tried to write but I failed to come up with the words, fourth, damn that’s funny or damn that’s clever. Not necessarily in that order. 

Anyway, choosing was hard, but I want to get a bonus round entry in.

Gonna look again and add to this post.

Still tough. “Sighs”

1. 1

2.  5 

3. 2

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Bonus Round 3.1 - Greywater Watch


1) Sleep within amphibious moving paradise

2) Sumptuous watery and mobile palace.

3) Sanctuary waits amid meditative peace.

4) Swoonworthy wilderness. Amenities: mesh, pollywogs.

5) Secret wayfaring! A moveable panorama!


I suppose the other acros were less popular. :blush:

Please vote for your favorite 1 entry before end of day Wednesday.  You get a point for voting, even if you didn't play the round.

Don't forget to vote for round 3 as well. :) 


(please indicate the round that you are voting for when you post.  It will help me to keep track)

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11 minutes ago, Jez Bell said:

Round 4 entries are due end of day tomorrow!!!

If you need an extension, please ask now and it will be granted.  Otherwise, I will go with whatever I have.

Oooh, thanks, I was thinking I sent in an entry and I guess I got confused with the bonus round.

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