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What would a characters favorite dog breed be?

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If I’m to give the answer I really want then it’s none, mongrels for everyone, mongrels FTW! :commie:

But let’s play…

Ned: Irish Wolfhound

Robert: Labrador Retriever 

Sansa: Bichon Frisé

Arya: Border Collie

Bran: Australian Shepherd 

Cat: Cavalier King Charles Spanie

Dany: Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Jaime: Vizla 

Brienne: Great Dane

Sam: Pug

Tyrion: doesn’t deserve one

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Don't know much about dogs so switched to horse breeds.  Yes, I know defined horse breeds didn't exist at the time, this is just for fun.  

Robert- A big stout bay horse that is a cross between a Quarter Horse and a Clydesdale.  Because he's usually drunk or hungover, it be would a gelding with a nice even temperament.

Cersei would ride a chestnut Thoroughbred mare with a coat as red and shiny as a new penny.

Ned rides grey Quarter Horse stallion that is quite tall and beautifully trained.  

Cat rides a palomino Quarter Horse mare who is always groomed to show off her good looks.  Cersei is very jealous.

Robb and Jon both ride Appaloosa horses, before you claim I am USA centric, the spotted coloring of this breed goes back in time to Eurasian cave paintings, and I have seen them in ancient China paintings.  So they both ride Appy's cuz they are cool teenagers. 

Sansa and Arya ride Arabian horses, Sansa goes for the fancy show ring type, chestnut, and Arya rides a tough little bay that will go over anything and just won't quit.  Both mares.

Bran rides his pony and then the horse Dancer.

Rickon doesn't ride yet.

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Arya and Sansa have both enjoyed the company of a Clegane Hound.  A good dog.  

I'm not good at this.  I only know a couple of dogs.  A little terrier.  A medium sized pit bull and well I don't know what Missy is, but I know her.  I am allergic to everything with fur and feathers.  I had iguanas when I had pets.  Dang it.  

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1 hour ago, Curled Finger said:

I am allergic to everything with fur and feathers.  I had iguanas when I had pets.  Dang it.  

Let's do reptiles then!

Littlefinger would love nothing more than to show off his pet rat snake, but for now keeps it under wraps.

Varys has a colorful collection of chameleons.

Bowen Marsh as a child had a chicken snake. 

Janos Slynt had a gila monster and he liked to frighten pretty maids and little children with it.

Tyrion Lannister kept a horny toad for many years.

Cersei owned a king cobra, because she always wanted to be king.

Selyse enjoyed keeping a bearded dragon lizard.  Imagine that!


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1 minute ago, Curled Finger said:

@LongRiderThat was splendid!  Who knew you were an authority on cold creatures, too!  

Thank you ma'm, I didn't want you to be left out.    :cheers:     Oh, and just in case, I won't be listing bugs.   :P

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Tywin Lannister - American Foxhound.  He's mean enough to enjoy the inhumane sport.  

Walder Frey - Irish Wolfhound to hunt down Nymeria.  

Tyrion Lannister - Chinese Crested.

Jon Snow - Afghan Hound, said to be one of the least-intelligent breeds.  Jon needs a dog less intelligent than he is.  

Marwyn - English Mastiff.

Daenerys Targaryen - None, no dog can compare to Drogon.  

Varys - Basenji, a silent breed that doesn't bark.  Much.  

Drogo - Anatolian Shepherd.

Barristan Selmy - Rottweiler.



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Ned on his mystery quest, definitely Scooby Doo

Doran just likes to chill and relax so, Snoopy

Jaime is missing a hand now, can't joust anymore, but he can still enter in Air Bud

Brienne and Lassie, "trouble at the old Vale? Little Sansa fell down the moon door?"

Stannis definitely would get Eddy from Frasier, it'd just be the same jokes as in Frasier but it's still good humor and worth recycling 


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I see Tyrion has a Chinese Crested. I can see he might find it amusing to look at. I was debating whether he would have a smart little yappy dog like himself or a huge splendid dog representing how he'd like to be.

Actually, Alexander Pope was very short and needed a dog for protection as he was an easy target for any thief or cutthroat or bored thug. He found a huge loyal hound of unknown breed that impressed everybody. He wrote a poem about it.

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