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House of the Dragon in Summer 2024, Successor Shows Discussed


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I'm confused...the Variety article mentions that Casey Bloys had to "mediate" between Condal and Sapochnik...


Bloys has also been adept inside HBO at problem-solving to make projects work. When “House of the Dragon” co-showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik had a falling out, Bloys figured out a way to keep Condal on board as showrunner and bring in “Thrones” vet Alan Taylor while moving Sapochnik to a development deal. https://variety.com/2023/tv/features/last-of-us-white-lotus-casey-bloys-hbo-1235527633/


"Falling out"?

Some weeks ago an unsubstantiated rumor spread that Sapochnik got into a fight with HBO over giving his wife more money (she's part of his production company and credited as a producer). 

NO ONE was willing to report on this because it had no evidence - Los Seite Reinos, even the hype fansites, all said it seemed like a misogynistic dig at his wife, and it contradicted other things (Sapochnik was hesitant to even come back for one season due to the heavy workload, so they gave him the proverbial dump trunk of money and co-showrunner credit). All agreed it wasn't worth dignifying the rumor by reporting on it. 

Does Variety actually know about something behind the scenes? Or is Variety repeating that rumor?....I don't think they'd just repeat it, but this is strange.

....should...should we re-assess that rumor? Or was there indeed a falling out, but due to something else? 

I really don't want to breath life into a false rumor. We need confirmation.


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I don’t think it’s really a big scandal. Variety has a good record, which is how they get so many exclusives (compare that to, say, Rolling Stone, which is one of the most famous entertainment outlets in the world but has fumbled a few major stories and hardly ever has exclusives now. Same with Buzzfeed). Sapochnik didn’t come out to defend his wife, the way any man would if he thought she was being smeared, which lends credence to the story.

But even if the wife story is false, it seems pretty clear that there was some kind of dispute between the showrunners. They almost never appeared together during interviews or awards shows (including the one where HOTD won best drama), and Condal hasn’t said a word to defend Sapochnik either (and we know he isn’t opposed to speaking up, since he defended Sarah Hess against the crazy Daemon stans). HBO probably made Sapochnik a development deal so that the two wouldn’t have to work together anymore without breaking his contract.

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1 hour ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

But even if the wife story is false, it seems pretty clear that there was some kind of dispute between the showrunners.

As has been discussed before, they clearly had very different visions for the show. Condal wanted to be more faithful to the source material, whereas Sapochnik wanted to appeal to the general audience. Whether that is enough reason to have a big falling-out I don't know. Maybe there were other reasons.

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4 hours ago, The Dragon Demands said:

How do we know that Sapochnik "wanted to appeal to the general audience"? 

I'm not disputing that, I'm asking you to explain - I'm not certain what instances you're referring to. 

Probably the thing about him wanting to change some of the names so they’d be less confusing.

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What exactly did Alexis Sapochnik do that was so bad?

And why would it cause Sapochnik and Condal to fall out?

And why is the media - which has a knack for being all over stories pertaining to the battle of the sexes, misogyny and "enemies-who-once-were-friends" - so quiet on this issue?

So many questions.

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