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New Shipment: JonDarion

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As all knows, dragon must have 3 heads and many people have proposed Tyrion as one. Considering her ancestor with the dragons, Aegon  the Bastard Conqueror, whom she looks up to, had as his two heads two wives, Dany may take two spouses as well. So I present you with... JonDa(enerys)(Ty)rion.


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3 way tag team Targ death threat?  Too much Targ in that match up for my liking.  How about Bran and Hodor, Euron and Arianne?  I'm all for anything that just gets rid of her expeditiously.  

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12 hours ago, Floki of the Ironborn said:

There was me thinking it was a Jon / Beric ship. 

Because they are both dead (or thought to be in Jon's case) It's quite discriminatory!


12 hours ago, Craving Peaches said:

Daenerys and Daario will travel to Westeros and then Daario will realise Jon is better and ditch Daenerys.

Makes for better plotline than some high budget(like, paying the actors in millions) Fanfic I've watched. 

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