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The Good Queen Alysanne was a Terrible Mother

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On 3/8/2023 at 1:21 AM, James Arryn said:

I think the good and righteous came first, all the mistakes came when he decided to write a book about them and realized how boring a half-century of no mistakes reads, honestly.

that's probably it. yet, I somehow like Alyssane and Jaeherys's inconsistency. because in the end, they are the conciliator king and the good queen, even if they are bad parents , bad siblings and their conciliation was basically forcing people into an agreement by showing their dragons as a warning that they can be as bad as uncle Maegor.


@King Benedict Justman I , I quite agree with your post. I guess a huge part of this mess was inevitable due to the tight timeline, particularly in Aemma's case. but Alyssane and Jaeherys are hardly good parents in my opinion. frankly, the first time I was pissed off by Alyssane was when she visited Rhaena in Dragonstone after Rhae's ladies had died. 


On 3/8/2023 at 1:56 AM, Aejohn the Conqueroo said:

I quite enjoy F&B myself. He's still got room to work with the inconsistency in works yet unpublished if he chooses. Maybe he doesn't see it or see it the same way. I judge people by their kids. It's just something that's borne out in my experience. Maybe his has been different.

 I won't comment on RL (because I agree to a certain extent), but do you realize that in that case, Daemon Targaryen would be the best Targaryen dad?!! 


48 minutes ago, sifth said:

To be fair, she had a rather insane amount of kids. I admire anyone who could raise 3 kids, let alone 13. Not saying this excuses her being a bad mother, but it at least explains why.

see, people keep saying that! but these people did not have to raise their kids themselves. they had plenty of help! besides, we are judging them with their decisions in certain situations. if we were talking about why Baelon , Saera, or Vissera turned out as they did and were blaming J and A for their upbringing , then the number of the kids could have been an excuse. 

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Alysanne was a bad mother only to Viserra. Everybody else she treated fine. Daella was happy in her marriage. She did want to be a mother, likely also did want kids of her own.

Trying to create takes that make Alysanne look bad in the case of Gael's early death or that she somehow mistreated Alyssa or Saera really make no sense.

You can say that she was somewhat clingy towards Gael - but we don't know how challenged or simple Gael actually was. Was she having stronger issues than Daella? If so, then keeping her close would have been the way to ensure she lives as happy a life as she could.

Also, of course, don't blame mothers (or parents in general) for folks fucking in marriage. That's the decision of the married couple, not the parents. Baelon shagged Alyssa (obviously because she pushed him into it), and Rodrik shagged Daella ... it was their decision. Arranging a marriage doesn't mean the spouses have to fuck. And we know that Viserys and Aemma didn't consummate their marriage until years after the wedding.

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2 hours ago, EggBlue said:

Daemon Targaryen would be the best Targaryen dad?!!

Wasn't he?:D

I have a hope that Fire and Blood continues to grow as the seasons roll by and they decide to continue past the dance into the regency period and strongly feature the twins. Aegon III is kind of a loser, but the rest of the brood turned out pretty well.


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