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The Bad News: Stone Containing Demons shattered. The Good News: 7 foot magical demon killing sword discovered.


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A magical stone in Japan believed to imprison demons was recently shattered.




As if the world doesn’t have enough problems, people are now worried that an evil demon locked in a rock for almost 1,000 years is on the loose.

The so-called ‘killing stone’ that kept the malevolent spirit imprisoned all this time has split in two, sending believers into a state of panic.

Japanese legend has it that anyone who comes into contact with the rock will die.


But alls well the ends well. A giant 7 foot sword that allows the wielder to to slay demons and banish evil spirits has been found, also in Japan.




The sword has a wavy, snake-like shape and markings that denote a sheath and handle. According to the Japan Times, more than 80 other dakō swords have been found throughout Japan so far.

Nara University archaeology professor Naohiro Toyoshima told Kyodo News that the sword and the shield-shaped mirror, used to protect the dead from evil spirits, may also indicate that the individual they were buried with was involved in military and ritualistic matters.


Now we just need someone who can wield the sword:


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