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The Corn That Wakes the Sleepers?

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Firstly, sorry for lack of quotes I was about to go out when it came to me.

As you all know, Corn is Mormont's Raven's favorite word. I was thinking of whether Mormont's Raven constantly waking up Jon while he's sleeping can be considered as "the horn that wakes the sleepers!" and decided to check some etymology and what do you know? Corn is... HORN!

horn - Wiktionary

So could the raven or whoever was skinchanging it, have been trying to wake the sleepers, NW?

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13 minutes ago, LynnS said:

HAH! I like it.  Three corns for the Others and Jon Snow Horn King!  I think you finally broke the corn code.  Bloodraven blowing his corn!

Wow! Haven't thought of that but now that you mentioned it I think... 



“I heard Hake say the dead men were your uncle’s,” Pyp said.


“Yes,” Jon replied. “Two of the six he took with him. They’d been dead a long time, only … the bodies are queer.”

“Queer?” Pyp was all curiosity. “How queer?”

“Sam will tell you.” Jon did not want to talk of it. “I should see if the Old Bear has need of me.”

He walked to the Lord Commander’s Tower alone, with a curious sense of apprehension. The brothers on guard eyed him solemnly as he approached. “The Old Bear’s in his solar,” one of them announced. “He was asking for you.”

Jon nodded. He should have come straight from the stable. He climbed the tower steps briskly. He wants wine or a fire in his hearth, that’s all, he told himself.

When he entered the solar, Mormont’s raven screamed at him. “Corn!” the bird shrieked. “Corn! Corn! Corn!”

“Don’t you believe it, I just fed him,” the Old Bear growled. He was seated by the window, reading a letter. “Bring me a cup of wine, and pour one for yourself.”

“For myself, my lord?”


His guard was sprawled bonelessly across the narrow steps, looking up at him. Looking up at him, even though he was lying on his stomach. His head had been twisted completely around.

It can’t be, Jon told himself. This is the Lord Commander’s Tower, it’s guarded day and night, this couldn’t happen, it’s a dream, I’m having a nightmare.

Ghost slid past him, out the door. The wolf started up the steps, stopped, looked back at Jon. That was when he heard it; the soft scrape of a boot on stone, the sound of a latch turning. The sounds came from above. From the Lord Commander’s chambers.

A nightmare this might be, yet it was no dream.

The guard’s sword was in its sheath. Jon knelt and worked it free. The heft of steel in his fist made him bolder. He moved up the steps, Ghost padding silently before him. Shadows lurked in every turn of the stair. Jon crept up warily, probing any suspicious darkness with the point of his sword.

Suddenly he heard the shriek of Mormont’s raven. “Corn,” the bird was screaming. “Corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, corn.” Ghost bounded ahead, and Jon came scrambling after. The door to Mormont’s solar was wide open. The direwolf plunged through. Jon stopped in the doorway, blade in hand, giving his eyes a moment to adjust. Heavy drapes had been pulled across the windows, and the darkness was black as ink. “Who’s there?” he called out.

Then he saw it, a shadow in the shadows, sliding toward the inner door that led to Mormont’s sleeping cell, a man-shape all in black, cloaked and hooded … but beneath the hood, its eyes shone with an icy blue radiance …



One corn for rangers returning, two corns for wildlings, three corns... RUUUUUUUN!


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23 hours ago, GZ Bloodraven said:

I thought the raven just likes corn? It's his favorite food, he wants it, he asks people for it. 

I don’t think he’s asking for some snack while Jon’s fighting a wight, it would be too inconsiderate even for that little bugger :P

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