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What kind of Video Game do you want in the ASOIAF verse? Who makes it? What style? Setting? Etc.

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3 minutes ago, King Maegor the Cool said:

Personally I either want a Skyrim esq RPG made by Bethesda set during the Age of Heroes

Yes, I think it has to be set before the main series or it would be too deterministic unless it was somewhere really out of the way.

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One game came out like a decade ago for P3? I think it was an rpg, pretty sure. You play as both a red priest and a skinchanger who were friends but now are interviewind in agot, all over Westeros around the time of Ned it JonA in KL. So lots of the storyline involved Cersei and then. I actually liked it lot and was surprised by that, it broke canon law kinda but not too much, gameplay I don't think was anything to write home about but wasn't awful and the plot was pretty cool and tragic. I don't think it's available on the PlayStation network tho, for whatever reason, I definitely would play it again. PS3 graphics and all.


Fighting games are my favorite, well Tekken is. But I guess this would be more Soul Caliber. So like, almost everyone has a different weapon or special or something. Like Aryas kinda weak with Needle but if she uses Nymeria in her combo, she wouldn't. And then I guess Rickon wouldn't be a character but Osha and a spear would with Rickon next to her and her special would be Shaggydog. Or Hodor is Bran with Summer.

Or you could go like Marvel Vs Capcom route which kinda sucks cuz it's 2d but it's way more chaotic being a 3 vs 3.


Strategy games obviously, just basically mimick the romance of three kingdoms games (or honestly dynasty warriors as Sandor or Robb sounds great also. Hell if it's like Dynasty Warriors then even Cersei and Sansa could get a thousand kills per battle!), even if it's not grand like that and small skirmishes like Age of Empires sounds cool, it probably wouldn't be much different but I'm sure it'd sell well.


These are really like million dollar ideas, I'm surprised they don't flood the market. Maybe the P3 game didn't sell well, or maybe the license for video games is in HBOs hands and their whole business right now is fucked or maybe it's in GRRMs and he's like vg are for dweebs, plus he's got work to do. Either way, I've always wanted to fight as the hound.

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13 minutes ago, Phylum of Alexandria said:

Whoever made the Sonic Dreams Collection should make a game based on Euron's experiences on Shade of the Evening. It would be like an interactive David Lynch film.


I now want this so much! Gimme some magic shrooms and this game, and I’m the happiest camper ever! :D


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