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NBA - Rochambeau Playoffs


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I don't think the Nuggets fit the "just one star and all role players" narrative as much as BFC wants them to.  If we're going that way, there are plenty of examples throughout NBA history of the same thing - most recently with the Bucks, but also with the Spurs success.

In terms of the Heat though...yeah.  They are probably confusing algorithms to the nth degree right now.  No way to explain that other than Pat Riley pwns us all.

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I think this is more Spoelstra than Riley, although both obviously play a role. 

It's a good thing that the Heat are making so much trouble, because otherwise this playoffs would have been surprisingly predictable.  But nobody saw this Miami run coming. 

Nonetheless, I'm worried they're going to run out of magic against Denver.  They do not have good matchups for Jokic. 

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Maithanet said:

But nobody saw this Miami run coming. 

I feared it, but damn I thought the Celtics had at least grown enough to make a series of it. I never imagined this kind of pants-shitting. I can't even with these fucking guys.

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