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Football: Lamping on towards the finish line.

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14 hours ago, BigFatCoward said:

should get the old plastic carpet out of storage for a huge home advantage. 

Ah, the days when the field mics could pick up Trevor Stevens or Chris Waddle cursing the artificial surface at Kenilworth Road!

Fair play to them, Luton Town had some good sides in the 80s (Ricky Hill!), and their supporters were not nearly as violent or loathsome as some other London-area and London-adjacent clubs.

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Lol. Spurs tannoy operator starts playing Munich by Editors the moment the final whistle goes on their last home game of the season. 

"People are fragile things, you should know by now
Be careful what you put them through" 

Spurs players preparing for lap o' appreciation, shitting themselves. :lol:

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One thing that Ten Hag's really improved is installing the notion that we don't need to necessarily play slick. It's been really visible in Rashford (and Bruno had it all along), but it's all around really- quite a lot of the goals are coming because a player's running into trouble and just toe-punting their way out of it, or looking like they've given the ball away but managed to stick a foot in and get it to a team-mate. 


That goal came from like three recovered mistakes in a row.

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As an indication of just how little Maupay belongs in the PL, our attacking threat goes down when he comes on.

And when we score, it's Gray - Tarkowski - Keane - Mina. Maupay's job is to not be in the way. But hey - a point!

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Just now, Iskaral Pust said:

Everton’s late goal could be the one that saves them.  Definitely takes some pressure off anyway.

I don't know about pressure off, a win for Leeds puts them right back in the bottom 3.

Sounds like we caught out tactically by Villa, in the first half especially, today. Emery has always been good at setting up his sides for one off games. Oh well, onto next season.

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