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Was Rhaenyra ungrateful?

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Well, she saw how her mother was killed for a male heir. She was made to give birth again and again. I see why Rhaenyra wanted to marry someone who had care for her, not just for her womb? 

Besides the show version of speed dating was stupid. She had no chance to choose.

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The whole plotline from episode 3 kind of fizzles out in the show ... Viserys says she can make her own match, and then he sends her on a suitor tour where men throw themselves in front of her in a very formal way that makes it almost impossible that she can judge the character of a candidate or get to know them in a proper way. Whatever choice she has in that setting is no choice at all - it is like 'the choice' Aegon III has at the ball.

In the next episode her match is made for her because of the whole Daemon affair ... and because Viserys really feels the need to placate the Velaryons and heal the rift between the two houses.

I'm not sure what the point of the 'you can find your own match' was ... when they didn't do anything with that. They could have had a plot where Laenor and Rhaenyra actually agreed to marry for the good of their houses. In fact, Rhaenyra being reluctant to have children in the show could have meant she would deliberatly choose a consort who would not knock her up (immediately). Then the fact that she has children as early as she has would be explained with her falling in love with Harwin. But for that the show would have to portray the Rhaenyra-Harwin thing.

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