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Lefty Internal Politics: How to Talk About This Stuff?

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On 7/7/2023 at 8:26 AM, James Arryn said:

It’s always been the same, lip service to the cause, opposition to anything that furthers the cause that in any way affects them or makes them uncomfortable when they’d rather be comfortable

I posted before but I’ll do so again;

At best I think this level of policing   is due ignorance—at worst maliciousness from people who’d like a movement to stalk or fail but think it’s more tactical to get people who may be apart or sympathetic to a movement to attack activists in it.


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1 hour ago, Larry of the Lake said:

I'm guessing it's a pink triangle reference?  I don't feel like clicking through a bunch of shit to find out though.  Maybe varys can explain.  

Yes, just looked it up and you're correct. Every day is a school day.

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I know some people may be down with rainbow capitalism for reasons other than pure bigotry(though often times bigots do pretend their outrage is due to some belief of companies being dis-genuine or needing to be neutral) but the alternative of businesses moving back to being indifferent to lgbtq rights is worse, and them turning hostile is far worse.


Annurserch-Busch is far from perfect—they abandoned Dylan Mulvaney and still tried to cozy up to the bigots who went ballistic over AB giving a beer can to a trans woman with her face on it

But progressives and people on the left interested in beating back the far right should in this instance uniformly attack desantis for this fascist stunt, if successful or not met with resistance this’ll inspire other conservative states to try to clamp down on any queer representation in media that generated the extreme  far-right backlash Mulvaney did—and what she did was being an adult promoting a beer in a minute tick-toc, if that can’t be accepted there’s no depiction of queer people that could.

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