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HBO Exec on House of the Dragon, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms


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Very interesting report from Deadline Hollywood‘s Nellie Andreeva following an interview with Franesca Orsi, HBO’s head of drama. It’s a wide-ranging interview covering a lot of HBO’s shows, but for our purposes, the most interesting tidbits relate to House of the Dragon, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, and potential other Westeros shows.

Addressing the on-going production of season 2 of House of the Dragon, Orsi noted that HBO was fully prepared to rewrite and reshoot anything that needed fixing once the WGA strike ends and the writers can take up their pens again to do writing work, but until then they are confident with the completed scripts they had to work with and have not dealyed producation at all. Speaking of a potential season 3 approval, it sounds like they’re not far from giving an immediate go ahead to season 3 to try and improve the turnaround from season to season. That said, how many seasons for the show in total remains a question:

“George and Ryan are going to meet after the writers strike. They had originally planned to meet before the strike took place and that was to figure out at what point the series itself was going to end. Is it four seasons? I don’t think from where I sit at this point will be any less than four. But could be more. We’ll see.”



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6 hours ago, jennaofthevale said:

One thing that confused me about the deadline article. Was the comment about Ryan writing all 8 episodes. Why was David Hancock brought in. And what is George's involvement. Yes, i know the Official Reason and i don't by any of that.

I think George is just consulting  and giving notes, same as in season 1. I know they said he was consulted for 1x10, for instance (I'm guessing it's Daemon's dragon song - GRRM is probably helping with lore, including parts he hasn't written, like the prophecy). He is not actually writing the teleplays.

I noticed that comment, but it could mean Ryan co-wrote them all, rather than wrote it all by himself in a room. There's a writers' room, I'm sure.  Even Dark, where Jatnje Friese was unsurisingly credited as a/the writer of every episode, had some other people credited as co-writers on some episodes.

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Ryan Condal specifically mentioned in a podcast that Ti Mikkel (GRRM's assistant and his local 'lore master' for ASoIaF) has written a great script for the season. I think she was speaking more colloquially -- it's his writer's room, so all the scripts are ultimately "his".

The dragon song, BTW, was something Mikkel co-wrote with Condal.


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