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The Silver Queen and the Weirwolves

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On 5/30/2023 at 7:27 PM, James Fenimore Cooper XXII said:

The Silver Queen versus the weirwolves is one of A Song of Ice and Fire's motifs.  Silver is the one element which reliably kills werewolves.  It follows and reinforces the more obvious theme of Fire and Ice battling each other.  Opposing elements, opposing families, fighting each other. 

Daenerys Targaryen rides the Silver horse, has silver-blonde hair.  She is the Silver Lady in the early pages of A Game of Thrones.  Roose Bolton betrayed Robb Stark for silver.  Silver will be the downfall of the Starks.  Weirwood is the antagonistic elemental to the dragons.  Since the Valyrians ruled the western end of Essos it is understandable why they would cut down all of those weirwoods.  Humans relocated to Westeros and felled the weirwoods. 

The Starks are slowly accepting their primitive, brutal history.  In my opinion, the Starks will be Direwolves in the end.  DW are the more primitive of the wolves. 

We the men of the Watch have executed Jon with our daggers.  Dany and Drogon will have to dispatch the remaining Starks. 

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On 8/5/2023 at 9:03 AM, csuszka1948 said:

Yes, the alliance of the Starks and Northerners with the Others should be obvious, they are the 'Ice' in the title of the series, while Daenerys and her dragons are the 'Fire'.

GRRM doesn't want to reveal this huge twist yet, but he lays it quite thick when he talks about what Ice and Fire represent for him:

"I mean... Fire is love, fire is passion, fire is sexual ardor and all of these things. Ice is betrayal, ice is revenge, ice is… you know, that kind of cold inhumanity and all that stuff is being played out in the books."

Daenerys and the dragons represents freedom, love, passion, in general attributed to humanity. She suffered all her life and still strives to make the world better.

The Starks and the Others represent betrayal, revenge, in general cold inhumanity. They respond to the suffering the have gone through by delving deeper and deeper into their desires for revenge. Jon has betrayed his vows to sate his desire for vengeance, Bran possesses another human being and tries to justify it to himself - treating him in an inhumane way, while Arya wants to become a faceless (inhuman) killer. Sansa is known to be an unreliable POV (the author said it herself) and she hides her hidden desires even from herself at the moment. Still, at the end they will all choose to side with the Others to get their revenge.

I dunno if you're serious here. Hopefully this is just another merry example of mocking people who cherry-pick GRRM's statements, not an act of cherry-picking.

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