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Best of the internet thread: Bester

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Oh, yes.  We had a cabin up north in Michigan about a four-hour drive, and Mom would smoke.  She did crack a window, though.  My dad would bitch about it CONSTANTLY.

I just remembered!  One time we had driven all the way up there (4 hours, remember) and they got in a big fight and my dad turned around and drove all the way back.  Fun times.   

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On 8/27/2023 at 5:01 PM, LongRider said:

Let me guess, your brother and you didn't wear seatbelts in the car, and she smoked with the windows up.  Awww, the good old days!

There WEREN'T ANY seatbelts in the car.  Just big-ass comfortable, upholstered bench seats.  

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I am not sure whether this qualifies as best of internet, but it's certainly one of the most bizarre things I've seen and heard lately.


If that was not surreal enough, how about this one then



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40 minutes ago, Jaxom 1974 said:


California, Florida, Kentucky, really almost all of them just pulling no punches...


GA nearly made me spit my dinner out. 

AZ, not bad.

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18 minutes ago, dog-days said:

Fat Bear Week is back!

Bear 806 jr. is still at the adorable stage. He just needs a red hat and blue coat. 

I'm worried about Otis. He's not looking well this year. 

And I love Grazer's ears. They look as if someone's stuck little blonde pom-poms to her head. 

Fat Bears are also no joke. A couple and their dog were just killed by a Grizzly in Banff National. It'd actually hung around [assume some predation for hibernation] and got put down.

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