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Resistance is Futile - H&M Part 5

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Oh Harry, don't ever change.       Even in a documentary about military veterans he manages to include footage of Diana's funeral.  

Lilibet is a dumb name, not quite as dumb as North or some others, but still in the top tier of dumb.  


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On 9/3/2023 at 6:29 PM, DanteGabriel said:

If they start making more appearances they'll be needy, grasping attention seekers who are leveraging their kids for publicity.

If they don't make more appearances they'll be shiftless and ungrateful deadbeats who suck on the royal teat without earning their keep.

What appearances? They are “non-working Royals”. They’re out. I’m pretty sure these guys know this.

Unless what’s being proposed is “half-in half-out”. I think I heard that somewhere. 


Just finished the last 3 episodes of Heart of  Invictus. Goddamn. So emotional. 

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