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Theoretical Succession Problem: Tullys

Angel Eyes

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Hypothetical question:

Say in ASOIAF or beforehand, Hoster and Edmure Tully died, the latter without issue (let's just say, for the sake of simplicity, he hits his head on a lintel). How would the Tully succession proceed from there? Brynden Blackfish is unmarried, so the title would pass to Catelyn's children... which poses its own problem since Robb, Catelyn's eldest living child, is heir to House Stark. Would it fall to Bran?

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Agreed, Catelyn's children would have the strongest claim.  Bran would be young enough that he could be moved down to the Riverlands and become "one of them",  perhaps living at Riverrun with the Blackfish as regent

The IT would potentially be involved, in which case Robert would probably support whatever Ned said.  

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It would go to Cat's children absent any dispute. As with the Velaryon succession prior to the Dance, it seems likely that it would be settled on Bran rather than Robb, since Robb already stands to inherit Winterfell and holding both is impractical. 

Of course, Bran (at the start of the books) wants to join the Kingsguard, so depending on when Edmure died and whether Bran had actually followed through on this, it might end up with Rickon.


(let's just say, for the sake of simplicity, he hits his head on a lintel)

Ah yes, lintels, the scourge of kings. 

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