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US Politics: Killin' Ya Hard With Hate


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1 hour ago, Larry of the Lawn said:

Would be kind of funny if McCarthy lost the speakership to someone even nuttier like Gaetz but I'm guessing Dems are cutting some kind of deal to keep McCarthy?

Get your popcorn ready. Reports are there are enough Republicans to nuke McCarthy, but no one really wants the job if he falls. Democrats don't seem like they want to help him though the current reporting is they're not whipping their caucus to fuck him over so maybe a few people representing difficult districts bail him out. It's hard to read, however, we all know this is going to end with the death of his career. Maybe it happens today, maybe in a month or two, but regardless, McCarthy is likely a lame duck Speaker and his legacy will almost certainly be a joke. 

And with that, we're at 400. Whatever thread name comes up next should mock the shit out of this moron. Idk who the weakest Speaker ever actually is, but this guy is certainly the worst in my lifetime. 

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