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Westeros Dynasty Football League 2023


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Are we all OK waiving the penalties on Jace's team for whoever takes it over.  That team has 1 keeper at $1 (Michael Pittman) and $4 of penalties.  I am OK just saying it is Michael Pittman at $1 and waiving the penalty, unless there is an objection.

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3 hours ago, RaceBannon42 said:

Also can you switch settings to Auction so we can enter values? or do you need to enter keepers first?

I do it all for you.  I will enter the keepers/dollars based on what is posted here.

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Drops are now added

BL - you dropped Garappolo during the season, so he is now a penalty

@Tywin et al. @mcbigski @RaceBannon42 @Jaxom 1974 @briantw @boiled leather @Bronn Stone@BLU-RAY

Rosters in this thread are up to date.  Still need drops from BL and mcbigski.

Can we draft Friday night?  We still need one owner, so help with recruiting.  We can also use another owner for Keeper if anyone not in that league is interested to to take over Tywin's team.  Some good keepers there.

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I'd prefer Thursday, but if Friday is the day, I'll make it work.  If I understand the penalties properly, go ahead and drop Jordan Mason for 1 dollar for 3 years, and Dalton Schultz (who I bid 5 for, for $2 dollars this year only?)  If Schultz is more than that as a penalty I'll just roll with him.  This is a one TE league, right?

Everyone else seems like reasonable value still, considering potential penalties.

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On 9/1/2023 at 8:59 PM, grozeng said:

BL/Harrenhall - @boiled leather

Dollars Spent: 166

Penalty: 4 (4 - 1 years)

Available Budget: 34

Roster Spots Remaining: 7

Joe Mixon - 28 (1 years)
Mike Evans - 19 (1 year)
Trevor Lawrence - 17 (2 years)
Trey Lance - 16 (2 years)
DeVonta Smith - 14 (2 years)
Jerry Jeudy - 11 (2 years)
Eli Mitchell - 10 (1 years)
George Kittles - 9 (2 years)
Christian Kirk - 9 (1 year)
David Montgomery - 8 (2 years)
Deebo Samuel - 8 (1 years)
Malik Willis - 5 (3 years)
Nico Collins - 5 (3 years)
Romeo Doubs - 2 (3 years)
Jeff Wilson Jr - 1 (1 years)

Dropped Players:

Denzel Mims - 1 (1 years)
Jaylen Samuels - 3 (1 years)|
Darwin Thompson - 2 (1 years)
Jimmy Garropolo - 2 (1 years)

drop Lance, willis

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