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Wheel of Time 4: Burning Threads [Book Spoilers]


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Well I’ve said before the biggest issue I have with the series is they have a minor character as their top billed star.  Moiraine is cool and all but after book one she’s really not very important. So they have imo wasted a good deal of time from other characters because they have to give minor characters like Lan and Moiraine (and the people they interact with) time. That time has been mostly taken from Mat and Perrin.

As for epic scenes yeah I feel you but the series as written is unfilmable in todays entertainment industry unless you get Marvel amounts of money. Covid has made large number of cheap extras (like they did with LotR or earlier Last Kingdom) not possible and the rising costs of CGI has made many of those epic scenes we have from the books also not possible. Just thinking scenes like Flicker flicker or Rand going and destroying the army at Falmes gap or the battle in the sky over Falme. All unfilmable given the budget they have. Even something we feel that is pretty minor like the heroes of the horn in the last episode was very expensive to film and produce. So instead they’ve leaned into fleshing out villains and making it a more character based series. Which is a definite turn from the books but you just have to look at the reality Rafe and co are dealing with.

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On 10/20/2023 at 12:07 PM, Maia said:

Sadly, the ridiculous survival rates among the main cast can't be blamed on Sanderson, since it was Jordan's intention.

Putting Sanderson aside (he was/is/will be a joke, nothing more, he's the Patterson/Dan Brown of fantasy), it is really 'funny' to see fellow members of this board who always post(ed) bad things about Robert Jordan and WOT (I was a member-lurker here more than 15 years), and now they praise this so-called adaptation to the sky along with a very mild criticism.

Oh, and somebody asked a few months ago: what was it like when Sanderson fan fiction came out? There were only two if us here who told the others that Sanderson cannot write at all – no to mention that Robert Jordan practically left zero notes (according to Sanderson himself and according to those who saw behind the curtains (Luckers, Terez etc)), and no wonder that the sales of his fan fiction trilogy went down so fast and lost almost 70 (!) percent of Robert Jordan's sales, and his trilogy met such a harsh resistance that all the WOT boards banned hundreds and hundreds fans, and deleted thousands and thousands posts. (DomA, Larry etc wrote great assays about the fan fiction trilogy.)

You know, it's business, after all.

And while readers-fans read and reread Robert Jordan's books all the time, what does one hear about Sanderson's trilogy?

Guessed right.


Even on reddit, where Sanderson is the greatest poet, novelist, dramatist, essayist of all time. On the other hand people always bring up Robert Jordan's books.   

Now you can't say anything against the showrunner, you will be banned right away. Sometimes mods let a little play then lock the threads/forums, so they can say: we are open to any opinion.

If you want to get banned in seconds, just post Robert Jordan's fan cast. ;)  

As for the ridiculous survival rates among the main cast: first, WOT is unfinished, we don't know what was Robert Jordan's head, in many cases he had two different outcomes at least, secondly, what's wrong about they are not being dead?

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