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Jaime the Kingmaker

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I know this topic has been brought up in the past, but I just wanted to know what everyone on this forum's opinions were, and also what is the most popular thoughts about this theory currently. 

Okay, my opinion - I think Jaime will be a Kingmaker. There are a little dropped hints in his chapters that led me to search this on google, and then write a topic on it. I also think it would make sense in his narrative arc, particularly if the person he makes into a King is Jon..Targaryen, Rhaegar's son, and Aerys's true heir. It could also end up fulfilling his role as valonqar for Cersei (which I also think is what will happen to her). As to how Jaime becomes a Kingmarker...well that I don't know. Following honor or something, but I don't know how it will come about at all. 

Anyways, what do you'll think? A good theory? Your own personal takes? 

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Could you explain yourself better? I mean, what hints made you believe in that.

Personally, I don't believe Jon will ever be king. Whether from the North or Westeros. He is Rhaegar's bastard son and even that would be hard for other people to believe.

Jaime is going to deal with Stoneheart at this point in the story and although I believe he will be one of the characters who lives until the seventh book, I don't see how he could survive around the war between Aegon and Daenerys. They will both want his head for killing Aerys so either Martin will keep him away from the capital or he will need to get him out of there when things get ugly.

4 hours ago, Lord of Raventree Hall said:

if the person he makes into a King is Jon..Targaryen, Rhaegar's son, and Aerys's true heir

Oh, man! I can see what kind of people this comment will attrack to this thread.

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Jaime may or may not try to be a kingmaker, but it won't be to crown Jon.  Rightful Targaryen heir or not, does Jaime care about the rightful Targaryen heir?  No.  He killed the last Targaryen king, and not to put another Targaryen on the throne.

If Jaime wanted to crown somebody, it would be someone he thinks is worthy, not someone who is an "heir".  He likes Tommen, but thinks he won't be a good king.  Who would he choose instead?  Not anyone currently pursuing the throne: not Stannis, not Aegon or Daenerys, and certainly not Euron.

Cersei's prophecy says that all three of her children will wear golden crowns, and Myrcella hasn't worn hers yet.  Jaime is still pro-Lannister, even if he isn't pro-Cersei.  If Jaime is involved in crowning anyone, it will be Myrcella.

But I don't think Jaime will be a kingmaker (or queenmaker).  His plans will just be like Robb's plan to retake the North.  Everybody plans, but things always go astray.  I think Jaime will survive his meeting with Stoneheart (because otherwise what is the point of his POV chapters?), but his projected storyline will go completely sideways after meeting her.

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Jaime will fulfill his dream of becoming Arthur Dayne by leading a band of outlaws fighting for the right cause.
And I don’t think Jon will ever be king of Westeros. Jon’s already fulfilling his kingly destiny as Jon Snow, King of Winter

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Sorry, I simply don't recognize these hints.  Jamie is a king slayer or breaker, as the case may be.   This suits his character as well as Dany, Jon and Tyrion's visions of a changed world.  While I agree that there are certain hints that Jamie will protect Jon as part of his brotherhood vows to Rhaegar, (and mutual interest) Jon's is not a political campaign so much as a defensive military movement.  This also suits Jamie's character as a respected commander of armies. 

Connections are there all over the place.  All this Nissa Nissa talk for example.  Jon getting stabby as unlikely as that may seem at this point.  The Valonqar prophecy most of us like to place right at Jamie's feet.  When Cersei is gone and Jon is still goo goo eyed over the Dragon Queen, I wonder why it doesn't occur to more folks that Jamie may become a Queen slayer in the end to complete his arc...for love and honor or simple madness of his own?    

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The thing he, who will he crown. I don't think that he will even be present during fAegon plot, much less crown him. And the show has already indicated who will end up as the ruler in the end. Will he survive till the end and help that person to the throne? That would be an interesting piece of irony.

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Jaime may ally with the Martells and see if they can place Myrcella and Trystane on the Iron Throne. He will always be loyal to his two living children I believe. The show at least got that part across. And if Myrcella had actually lived on the show, Jaime would have likely made her Queen and would have died fighting for her. 

If Tommen outlives Myrcella, as some fans of the series may already believe, then Jaime will die fighting for King Tommen. Or he'll be able to whisk Tommen away from danger at the last moment. In both cases his love for his kids will come before Cersei. 

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