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Acrophobia 45.1 - Happy Holidays

Jez Bell

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We're gonna do a quick game to distract us from all the holiday cheer.  Grab your mulled wine and candy cane pens.

Please send me a private message entitled "Acrophobia 45.1: [your board name]" to sign up.


It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Each round will feature a character and a holiday scenario.  We'll aim for 4 rounds depending on players' appetite and availability.  There may be a bonus or two, because I get bored easily.


Game play:

In each round, the Host will provide a character and scenario and 3-4 sets of letters.  Select one set of letters to craft a phrase to describe the scenario and send to the Host in the private message thread. 

  • Use only one set of letters for your entry. 
  • Each entry must use all letters in the set
  • Each letter in a set must correspond to the words in the entry (e.g. TATR = These are the rules)
  • You may add any punctuation you wish to emphasize your point
  • Fancy formatting will likely get lost in the cut and paste.

Send as many entries as you like, but the Host will (frustratingly) give no opinion other than enforcement of the rules.  It is the player's responsibility to select a "final answer" prior to the deadline.  The Host will provide multiple warnings.  The last entry will be the default pick if the Host is ghosted. (you heard me)

Once all entries are received, they will be posted in this thread for voting. 

Each round will be about a week.  Extensions will be granted if requested before the deadline.

New players are welcome to join at any time.  :) 



You vote for your favorite three entries in order of preference in the game thread.

  • 1st place is worth 3 points
  • 2nd place is worth 2 points
  • 3rd place is worth 1 point

You will receive a point for creating an entry before the deadline and a point for voting.  Anyone can vote, even if you aren't playing.

The player with the highest number of 1st place votes will gain a bonus 3 points, 2 points each if there is tie


Players (confirmed so far):

Fragile Bird
Howlin' Howland
Dolorous Gabe



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1 hour ago, Fragile Bird said:

I hope we can make a game started!

We've got 3 players.  3 more would be great!

I think I'll post the first round while we wait for some additional sign-ups.  If we don't get more folks on board, I'll modify the rules a bit.  More mulled wine and fruit cake for us.



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ROUND 1:  Stark Family Holiday Newsletter

It’s 298 AC in Winterfell.  Eddard and his sons have just found and adopted a litter of direwolves.  King Robert has announced that he is planning a trip to see Lord Eddard after the sudden death of his hand, Jon Aryn.

Catelyn is sending out a family holiday update, including an adorable family photo (Jon was cropped out), before the craziness of a royal visit sets in and there is all that “spirited” debate on old gods vs new gods, Northern tradition vs Southern flamboyance, and don’t even get me started on the gossip and politics.

Use one set of letters below to craft the headline for Catelyn’s newsletter:




F Y R E   


Please send me your entries by PM.  Deadline is Monday December 4.  I was hoping to get a couple of additional players, but let's keep it moving



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2 hours ago, Dolorous Gabe said:

Well hello there

I hope Castellan is okay. I will make an attempt at playing whilst I act like a hermit in preparation for my hernia operation in December.

It seems like ideal playing conditions, minus the pain and scalpels and stuff.

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I've updated the deadline for this round to Monday December 4.  Please ask if you need an extension, but I am keen to keep a good pace now, as I am sure we will all get distracted in a few weeks.

New players still welcome :) 


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2 hours ago, Eternally_Theirs said:

May I join in?

Yes please!  Welcome.  

Just send me a PM titled  "Acrophobia 45.1 - Eternally_Theirs'.  it's fine to do it with your entry.

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Clumsy me.  I've dropped a basket of cranberries and chestnuts everywhere.

Please help me to clean them up.  If you find one, please send me a PM with the location so that I can remove them.  You will be rewarded.


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I genuinely have lost them. There may have been some weed involved in my tumble
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  • 2 weeks later...
2 hours ago, Lilac & Gooseberries said:

Are you still accepting signing ups?

well, yes... but we seem to have lost all those who have already signed up :( 

Hopefully they come back to us after the December craziness and we can carry on.  In the meantime, happy holidays. :) 

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On 12/18/2023 at 1:37 AM, Howlin' Howland said:

You haven't lost all of those who already signed up.  I sent in an entry.

I know, Gabe also sent in an entry.  Both of you were well on time and the entries were amazing.

But we only started with 4 players and 2 of them ghosted me.  No one even looked for my cranberries and chestnuts. :(

I might just post your entries so they don't get lost.  

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Oh I’m still here I’m sorry, I have an excuse for every week, the current one is Covid, I’ll get it to you before Christmas. I’m so sorry I never meant to ghost you, just kept pushing it then forgetting it then remembering to push it again and forgetting again. Bleh. So sorry. I’ll get to it. 

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