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Fargo Season 5: Pride of Lyons [spoilers]


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17 hours ago, DaveSumm said:

Is that a popular opinion that Season 4 was boring? I thought it was great. I’ve loved all of them, probably Season 3 the weakest for me.

It is crazy that a show can be a largely plausible, present day non-fantasy story and yet still have the audience asking “is that guy 500 years old?”

Personally, I couldn't even finish third and fourth seasons. I'll try the fifth though.

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I’m enjoying S5, and it’s a big improvement on S4, but it’s still a bit flat and feels like a pale echo of the stronger early seasons.  The juxtaposition of quirky, down to earth, passive-aggressive Minnesota nice with violent crime and a desperate struggle for normality still works as an amusing format, but the story and characters lack that knife-edge tension between Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in S1.

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9 hours ago, Iskaral Pust said:

the story and characters lack that knife-edge tension between Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in S1.

It feels as though the showrunners have made it 100% caricature, thus w/o soul, as, for instance, naming a sin eater, Munch, and having him lurch about as though he's from The Addams Family.  Leigh's character comes off like that too, and Jon Hamm's is very close -- particularly as this was the most famous regional beer for years and years:


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It's gotten so pornographic, as opposed to either satiric or ironic -- or anything else -- with violence and even imagined violence, and it being done to wives by these monsters, one feels the 'creators' are grooving on it.  I can't watch it any longer.


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I enjoyed much of the episode... but they kind of jumped the shark with the ending.


Danish Graves deciding to go solo, and ignoring Lorraine entirely, is nuts and seems utterly out of character for him. I understand that maybe his concern was that she'd tell him to leave her to Tillman, and he'd feel bound to do it... but come on. He's a high-powered lawyer for a high-powered person, he can't call in favors or pull strings to get some serious backup in there with him without involving Lorraine? He has to go in alone?

Like, he may think Roy Tillman is somewhat rational... but how rational can he believe him to be, when he's sent thugs around kidnapping, brutalizing, disappearing, and burning? 

Doesn't make sense to me.

RIP Danish. Dave Foley was a terrific choice for him. Love that we're never told, and will likely never learn, why he has only the one eye.


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13 hours ago, Zorral said:

 one feels the 'creators' are grooving on it. 


You're missing the mark by a mile here. It WAS very hard to watch, however. 

There's an interesting theme emerging in this season about debt and collecting debt. 

We know that the eldest Lyon-esse is a debt collector. She buys up debt and collects it by any means, sucking up a person's entire life if need be. 

We also know that Munch is either an undying sin-eater, or fancies himself as such. He metaphorically eats a dead person's sins to free them in the afterlife from the debt that they owe the "Almighty". In the flashback we saw from the 1800s sin-eating seemed to be his job. A debt collector, or a debt absolver? In the present, he is a force that will collect a debt by any means, as we are shown his obsession over being owed by Roy for the kidnapping of Dot. He seems less angry at the fact that they tried to have him killed than not receiving payment for his work. 

I'm not really sure where the show is going with this concept, but the two seem connected. Lorraine Lyon and Munch will probably have a hand in freeing Dot, metaphorically absolving her of the debt that Roy seems so hell-bent on extracting. Will all three die in the process? We can only hope...

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It's impossible for anyone who has had someone very close in their life victimized by serial rapists and killers, and on top of it grew up on a farm where this show is supposedly located. It cannot be watched as escapism and entertainment.  It's real.  It happens.  It happens to real people.  Real people we know and care about. Some times it is even to ourselves this happened.

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16 hours ago, Jerol said:

A man is pleased with the final scene

Thought it was rather audacious, and I enjoyed the hell of it. Also liked how Jaqen H'ghar-ish Munch was with how he spoke. Heh.

All in all, a pretty good season. I did think


killing Witt Far was kind of too damned obvious, and I can't believe he was incapable of defending himself when Roy was already so close to him, well within range of stabbing him. 

I know, he was too nice for the world, but it just seemed a bit cheap.


4 hours ago, DaveSumm said:

Unless I missed something, was this the first season with no connection to any others?

Sharp-eyed Redditors have noted that there's plenty of nods to the original film and some other Coen Brothers films, including Jean Lundegaard's portrait being hung up in the Camp Utopia sequence,. It may be that Lorraine Lyon is actually Jean's sister, since in the film there's a line about a "Lorraine" calling about Jean and Jerry telling his son Scotty (same name as the daughter this season!) to tell her that his mother is "away".

But actual direct ties to previous seasons, not so much, others have noted... Oh, via Reddit:


In S05E03 Gator and Roy are having a chat outside a pawn shop and the corvette from season 3 is parked there.

In S05E08 Danish is filling up his Porsche at the “Rushmore” gas station that “The Butcher of Luverne” (Ed Blumquist) from season 2 would use the payphone to call the Gerhardts from.


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