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On 1/30/2024 at 2:21 PM, AncalagonTheBlack said:

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is an upcoming action spy film directed and co-written by Guy Ritchie, based on the 2014 book Churchill's Secret Warriors: The Explosive True Story of the Special Forces Desperadoes of WWII by Damien Lewis.

I wonder if the archer is meant to be inspired by 'Mad' Jack Churchill who infamously liked to go to battle armed with a longbow, broadsword and bagpipes?

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On 1/25/2024 at 9:11 AM, AncalagonTheBlack said:


Noooooooo! Why mess with perfection?!?! :tantrum:There’s only one Road House and only one Dalton!!!! Just rewatch this on Prime a couple of months ago.

That being said: I will definitely be watching it. Cause after all maybe Key West also needs a Dalton just like that bar in Jasper did… 

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On 2/1/2024 at 3:05 PM, AncalagonTheBlack said:

Bloody hell, soooo many shows! :D


No Sandman season 2....

Unlikely for this year then? Or just not far enough into shooting to have a trailer.

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5 minutes ago, Myrddin said:

I apologize if this has already been posted, but as an 80's ninja fan kid, this looks like a lot of fun.

Needs a Sho Kusugi cameo.

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