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Watch, Watched, Watching: It's Award Season

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5 hours ago, Mr. Chatywin et al. said:

But Montana was the QB on that ND team and has said before that a lot of the movie is pure fiction.

Well, the year the film took place was Montana's second of five years with the Irish.  He wasn't QB1 - nor QB2 or 3 for that matter - at the time.  I know over the years he's emphasized certain things that were fictional about the movie, namely all the seniors laying down their jerseys and the crowd actually chanting "Rudy."  Which, duh, both those seem rather intuitively Hollywood creation.

Other thing to emphasize is the antagonistic coach I mentioned above was actually one of Rudy's biggest supporters.  Again, it's a movie that was trying to manufacture suspense.  The film's hardly Citizen Kane, but I don't see why these changes matter much.

Anyway, my issues with Montana have nothing to do with all that.  Like I said, he just kinda comes off as a dick to me.

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59 minutes ago, DMC said:

Anyway, my issues with Montana have nothing to do with all that.  Like I said, he just kinda comes off as a dick to me.

He always just seemed like the blandest person to me. Funny how in HS the QB is one of the coolest dudes then once they go to college and/or the pros they becoming maximum boring most of the time.

Rest up you dirty Niners fan. Tomorrow you enter hell. (I think you guys will win, but my fingers can't bring me to pick against Mahomes). 

Damn I wanted to find the clip from Entrapment to keep this post attached to the tread, but I failed. Clearly I'm playing both sides. 


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I finished season 2 of The Bear last night.

It's a great show but I didn't enjoy it as much this season. To be clear: it's me, not the show. The show evolves nicely, with character-specific episodes, a different pace (slow burn), and it develops what it established in the first season.
I'm just not that much into food shows to enjoy the development as much as I did the first season (which was super-tight).
I still loved some of these moments. The Christmas-episode was truly fantastic - one of these episodes that stand out in a show, and makes you want to rewatch them as stand-alones.

It really bugged me that the characters spend so much time smoking. Yes, I get that it shows how stressed and self-loathing they are, but a real chef does not smoke inside his restaurant, however stressed he is. Some of these cigarettes felt... either like a cheap "prop" (there's an old trick of having actors do something with their hands in scenes) or... product placement from the tobacco industry. But then, I'm trying to quit myself, so...

And, of course, the main problem I had in the end was...


Carmy screwing up that bad in the final episode.
And yes, I know that the whole point of the season was to establish that Carmy is his own worst enemy (and that it's a family thing), but him fucking up everything in his life after the feel-good episodes we had with Tina, Marcus, or Richie, felt a bit too much. And it happened in a relatively contrived way too (I mean, what were the odds of Claire being outside that door to hear his rumblings?).

Generally speaking, the last episode felt off. Both Carmy and Syd should have handled their stress better. And it's good that Richie (and Tina) got to step up and shine, but again, Carmy having a complete meltdown was really unpleasant. And perhaps I identify too much with the character, and felt he deserved better. And maybe that's exactly the feelings the show sought to create. On that front, well done.
What bugs me is that this was the final episode, thus letting Carmy with no chance of redemption or healing until next season. Given the fact he's obviously struggling with mental issues/trauma, it's a bit hard on both the character and viewer. I kinda resent the show for stopping the development "in media res"  ; we also have Marcus's mother probably dying btw, so we're really left "hanging," hoping that two main characters will pull through.
So, in a nuttshell: not fan of the "cliffhanger" here...

It feels like the show tries too hard at keeping us hooked for the next season and that ends up being a bit counter-productive in my eyes. But again, maybe it's just me (?), it probably works with most viewers.

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Saloum. A Senegalese-French crime/horror thriller that feels a bit like a western with supernatural elements. This movie rocks. The 3rd act wasn’t quite as strong as the fantastic first 2/3, but I really dug this one overall. 

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I started watching Yellowstone. I.. uhh… whoooh.. whoa… damn… I just… damn... Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes broodily striding and riding through scenic backgrounds emanating power and testosterone and I was bought in 20 minutes into episode 1. Boy oh boy, soppy D class rom com for Valentine’s Day’s officially off the table, give me Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, nature shots and horses. 
I’m sure the story will be fine too. 
also I love the trans generational  dynamics, especially when it comes to Kayce’s son. 
It’s sooooooo sinister and dark. Love this thing. 

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